See Why So Many Poker Players are RAVING About This Training:


"Don't just speak to James if you're losing, speak to James if your winning would be my biggest piece of advice"

Patrick 'pads1161' Leonard - Former #1 Ranked Online player in the world, WCOOP title holder, $15Million+ in winnings

"James has proven himself  a master of psychology and the performative science...

and can help a lot of people with their mental game of poker!"

Dan 'Jungleman' Cates

See Why So Many Poker Players are RAVING About This Training:


"James has proven himself  a master of psychology and the performative science...

and can help a lot of people with their mental game of poker!"

Dan 'Jungleman' Cates

"You want to make a change, but you just don't know how...
James's course is THE blueprint to your mind!
Thank you James!"

Phil Hernz - Live MTT Player, $450,000 in winnings

If you’ve been working hard on your poker dream...

but haven’t seen the results you’re capable of...

then I understand your frustration.

Beating poker in 2022 is hard. With all the training sites, solvers and tools available, it can feel like there is an endless amount of work to do to stay ahead of your competition. 
If you’re like most of my clients before they start working with me, then you probably find that each wave of momentum and improvement is followed by a cycle of burn out. 
This cycle can be so frustrating that you might even question your career as a poker player.
This happens due to a fundamental misunderstanding of what it takes to excel at poker in 2022.

You probably think that to move up in poker, you just need to work harder at the same process you're already doing. More marked hands, more hours, more videos, and more sims.

Hard work is important, don’t let anyone tell you it’s not, but after working with over 500 poker players from all over the world I can tell you with certainty that doing more of the same is not the one thing that separates those who make it to an elite level from those who don’t.
Everyone who gets out of small stakes works 'hard.'  To truly be elite, you need to approach your sessions and your study with a greater level of foresight and professionalism.  Crushing today's games requires overhauling all the aspects of your life to be primed for success. 
Many poker players work hard without being efficent, wasting their time on spots that don’t come up that often, and failing to dial in essentials like focus, organization and sleep. 

Often even what they do learn, they can’t execute consistently when it counts.

If you don’t even play the game you know how to play, how can the solution is just be to work harder?

If you just force yourself to go through the motions, putting in the sessions when your heart isn’t in it, you set yourself up for burnout and depression
To show up ready to perform like an elite professional takes a highly specialized and nuanced approach.  
You need to have the same standards as an Olympic-level athlete has, if you want to be a truly world-class player.
If you don’t learn to change your mindset and habits toward poker, you run the risk of being chronically underslept, over-stressed, and unable to perform consistently. 
It also takes a total on your physical body, you start to get back and shoulder pain, neck pain, and stiff legs. All of this causes more stress and unhappiness and can contribute to illness and depression.
Some players even end up quitting poker because they've allowed themselves to hate the lifestyle of playing a game they once loved.

It’s not your fault that poker makes you feel this way sometimes.


Most of us never learned about regulating our nervous system, how to improve focus, or the sustainable strategies for elite-level performance.


In preparation for poker, school may have taught us math but not much else.
Our culture puts an emphasis on hard work and hustling, but it missed the boat entirely when it comes to nuance.  It's the specifics of a situation that dictates the best approach to mastery, and poker is a very specific career path with a highly specific set of challenges and tools for surpassing them.
If you’ve put in the hours for years at a time and it feels like you are still not crushing poker at a high level, in fact, you might be playing lower stakes than in the past, it’s normal to feel discouraged, frustrated, or like you want to jump out of a window.
It’s normal to feel ashamed, embarrassed, like you don’t even want to talk to your friends and family about how it's going, especially if it used to be going better.

Every pain and frustration you feel is normal.

Maybe you missed the boat on bitcoin, and you're seeing all these people get rich around you while you're still struggling to grow your roll.

It feels like life changing scores only happen for people around you, and it makes you question everything, your game, your process, and your choice to pursue poker as a career.

Maybe you've been running under EV for as long as you can remember.  You're starting to wonder if the poker Gods are trolling you. I get it, I’ve been there and it sucks.

The reality is:


While all of this pain and frustration is totally real and normal...


 It’s also completely optional.

And it keeps you from breaking through

to your potential.

The poker path doesn’t have to be a path of suffering, even if you’re on a downswing.
In a career full of ups and downs, you can live your life on an emotional upswing, appreciating yourself, your process and your life more and more, each and every day.
You can live your life with certainty. Certainty that you’re on the right path, certainty that you have the right goals, and certainty that you have the smartest possible process to achieve them.
You can learn to leverage your time for the highest possible benefit, not only to your skill set, but also your overall well-being and development as a person.
As poker players, we are wizards at understanding data, what it says, what it means. It speaks to us in the language of the mind and we can spend a lot of time thinking about it, quantifying it, or even obsessing over it.
When it comes to our emotions, when it comes to our motivation, when it comes to performance, focus and flow, these are emotive states that require us to understand the language of our bodies and our inner state.

You won't learn this with preflop charts or in the latest GTO training tool.

If you want to reach higher stakes, perform on demand and live your life with the confidence that your success is 100% assured, then you need to master yourself.
This is why I made Poker Mindset Mastery.
In this immersive coaching experience, I’m going to walk you through exactly how to work with your thoughts and emotions, how to accept them, understand them and alchemize them, so that you can live your life in a state of joy, focus and flow.
You will learn what the schedule of an elite player looks like, how to adopt that for your specific personality, and exactly what process to follow to not only survive but thrive in the modern poker economy.



 James Whittet’s


Poker Mindset Mastery

Unlike any "Mindset Course" you have ever seen!

A guided, interactive and immersive process that will transform you...

  • From a reactive disorganized grinder to an inspired and focused crusher!!

  • Bring awareness to the hidden, self-sabotaging, limiting beliefs and habit patterns that have been blocking your success.



  • Stop overthinking, doubting and self criticizing — so that you can live your life free of anxiety; with confidence, clarity and decisiveness.

  • Become undistractable, so that you can engage in deep learning activities, and also become more present with your friends and family.

  • Let go of attachments to the past, so that you can stop letting past events define you.

  • Disappointments, pain and  traumas understood, processed and released, so you can focus on creating your future.

  • Become the visionary architect to your own life, clear on your desired lifestyle and the exact action steps to bring it into reality every day.

  • You will master your mindset.

  • All the causes under the surface for your actions will be realigned so they can never hold you back again.




Patrick 'Pads1161' Leonard
Former #1 Ranked Online player in the world, WCOOP title holder, $15Million+ in winnings

Endrit Geci
2021 $5k Party Poker Millions Main Event Champion for $775,000

Tomi “Elmerixx” Brouk
Over 10Million in online winnings - Top 3 Player Finland


Sam “European” Vousden
Multiple SCOOP and WCOOP titles, Over 10Million online winnings

Dietrich Fast
WPT Champion, WSOP Bracelet Winner, SHR Asia Champion, 7.5Million live winnings

Ryan Hall
HU NL Specialist up to $200/$400.  Current Headcoach of Fiv5 PLO International



Former #1 Ranked Online player in the world, WCOOP title holder, $15Million+ in winnings


Endrit Geci
2021 $5k Party Poker Millions Main Event Champion for $775,000.


Tomi “Elmerixx” Brouk
Over 10million in online winnings - Top 3 Player Finland


Sam “European” Vousden
Multiple SCOOP and WCOOP tiltes, Over 10Million online winnings


Dietrich Fast
WPT Champion, WSOP Bracelet Winner, SHR Asia Champion, 7.5 million live winnings


Ryan Hall
HU NL Specialist up to $200/$400.  Current Headcoach Fiv5 PLO Internaitonal.

Come work with James!





Mindset Coach to today's top players:

  • 2021 Party Poker Millions Online 5k Main Event Champion Endrit Geci
  • Nosebleed Legend Dan “Jungleman” Cates
  • EPT Champion Dietrich “2pacnwr” Fast
  • Tomi “Elmerixx” Brouk
  • Sam “European” Vousden
  • & more!

Who Is James?

James Whittet is a High Performance Mindset Coach with 8+ years experience training over 700 elite players from around the world across a variety of formats and stake levels.

Some of his success stories include Jungleman, Dietrich Fast, Samuel “€urop€an” Vousden and Tomi “elmerixx” Brouk, all players with winnings in the multiple millions.

James was also mindset coach for the wildly successful bitB staking group before moving on to found his own coaching and staking program, Poker Spirit.

Poker Spirit is less than 2 years old and has already become a 7-figure business, helping many poker players to their first 6-figure years in the process.

James has helped players from all over the world and get life-changing results.

Prior to becoming a mindset coach, James won over $1Million profit himself across multiple poker formats. He was a top player in High Stakes SNGs and two-time supernova elite

You can also generally find James in contention for SCOOP and WCOOP player of the series leaderboards, with multiple titles and 20+ final tables in the past 2 years.

When he’s not coaching or playing poker himself, James spends his time by the beach with his girlfriend Julia and dog Rocco in Brazil.




Module 1 - You can't fix what you can't see
Activate a greater level of Awareness 


Inside Module #1 you will find out:

• The ONE THING that will help your mind more than any other technique or training.

• The quickest way to implement this into your life regularly, seamlessly and easily.

 • The single biggest limitation most poker players deal with, and how to be top 1% in mastering it.

• What no one tells you is the low key secret to finding success that doesn’t get to your head and repeating it to stay on top.

• Your true WHY behind choosing this path in poker, and how to tap into that force any time you desire.

Module 2. -Just Observe
Change your Perspective and How you See Yourself


Inside Module #2 you will learn:

• The EXACT reasons why what you’ve tried before hasn’t been working to the level you need it to

• How to apply the lessons of neuroscience to make habits that last a lifetime.

• Where overthinking comes from, why it’s a problem, and how to eliminate it.

• How to design a flexible structure to your life that keeps you organised, on task and in the moment.

• Exactly how the best players in the world plan sessions, study time and life away from the table.

Module 3 - Shine your flashlight
Find the Freedom to Focus on Command 


Inside Module #3 we help you to:

• Train and improve your attention, so you can mutli-table effortlessly while being able to bring 100% of your focus to key decisions in the moment.
• Write programs for how you want to think and behave and install them in your own mind.
• Grow your ability to stay engaged in deep work sessions and unplug afterwards so deep learning actually takes place!
• Create your perfect flexible schedule to flow with life, steadily improve and smash your goals.
Master your energy and state of being, so you show up powerfully in all the moments of your life.

Module 4 - Inner Work
Let Go of all past Traumas, Patterns and Stories Holding you Back


Inside Module #4 you will discover:

• How to Heal Yourself from past traumas.
• How to realize In The Moment when you are triggered and Make Different Choices when it counts!
• Finally LET GO of old stories, conditioning and habit loops that no longer serve you.
End Anxiety, Overthinking and Unhelpful thought patterns that are keeping you stuck and miserable
• Truly recognize that anything that costs your peace is too expensive, and start to put yourself and your life first, instead of last.

Module 5 - Unlock Your Potential
Accelerate your Vision and Tap into Flow States with Ease


Inside Module #5 you will unlock:

• The single most powerful force in psychology and how to use it in your favor.
• Discover How to Align your Actions perfectly to your Vision so that your Success becomes Truly Inevitable.
• The TRUTH about self-esteem, and how to BE more confident WITHOUT trying and feeling fake
• The one simple strategy used in billion dollar startups that makes growth and progress a way of life.
• Get the Exact Steps to follow to design your dream poker lifestyle.

Hear from players just like you!


Tzur Levy, a 21 year old $80 ABI MTT professional from Israel, talks about how being a part of Poker Mindset Mastery has changed his life. 

UPDATE: Tzur came 19th in the WSOP Main Event for $330,000 this past year!!  It was an honor to support him during that run.

Buy today, and I will throw these 3 bonuses in as well! 


The 5 main modules of Poker Mindset Mastery are going to completely transform your approach to life and poker.


That’s just the beginning...


When you join Poker Mindset Ascension you also get 3 amazing bonuses to help to see immediate results.


Bonus #1 - Three 1-1s!

Three 1-1 coaching sessions with a Poker Mindset Mastery Team member.

One of our coaches will sit down with you 1-1 for an hour on 3 separate occasions within your first 60 days to make sure you get off to a flying start.
We know that 1-1 time can be important to really get the ball rolling in a new program...
That’s why we’re giving you not one, not two, but three 1-1 sessions with a coach trained directly under me. I’m paying out of pocket for these sessions for you as a welcome bonus for joining our community.

Bonus #1 - A Month of Preflop.Academy PRO

You can’t progress in poker without working on your game. That’s why I’ve partnered with my friends over at Preflop Academy to bring you access to their full-featured program.

Preflop Academy is THE BEST gto training tool for MTTs, now complete with ICM, Heads Up, and all stack sizes.  Usually 1 month of pro is $90, but it's yours free when you join Poker Mindset Mastery.

Bonus #2 - A Week of Odin

Study with the same tool used my poker's elite, like Fedor Holz.
Your session just wrapped up and you want to look up that hand that's bothering you, but you don't have the time to run a complete sim.
Odin Poker the #1 cloud-based solver used by elite players the world over to improve as quickly as possible.  There is no tool that goes this deep this fast.
Get a 1 week trial included when you join Poker Mindset Mastery. 

Bonus #3 - Jumpstart Coaching Call

The fastest way to make radical shifts in you life is to work 1-1 with a coach directly.  There is simply no substitute for the dedicated attention of your very own 1-1 coach.
Every new Client of ours gets a Onboarding Call with Poker Mindset Mastery Coach Rupert Gibson.  This breakthrough session will help you get off to massive head start with our program.

OK, so how much is my investment?

Poker Mindset Mastery is not like other training sites or tools.
Poker Mindset Mastery actually takes the time and care to show you step by step how to achieve the results you desire. 
Our approach has been battle tested by multiple 7-figure stables, and this is the mindset curriculum the best players in the world want of their horses and themselves.
Mastering your mindset is essential for reaching high stakes, and it's an investment that pays dividends for the rest of your life.
Poker Mindset Mastery makes you more money by helping you get to the level where your income lets you invest, diversify, and get off that variance rollercoaster.
It helps you to build a network that is literally priceless, so that you can have the connections to ensure your success throughout your career.
The transformation you will go through frees you completely from isolation, loneliness and that outsider feeling you’ve dealt with throughout your life.
The person you become in this process will bring you so much joy, energy and confidence that you will have no problem studying, improving, playing and winning.
This process is EXACTLY what I teach my High Stakes Mentorship clients, at a fraction of that investment for you.
When you weigh that against the investment and what it will do for you and your future, it’s an easy choice.



Life Time Access

  • Transform your Poker and Life with Poker Mindset Mastery
  • Truly Break Free from Bad Habits, Limitations and Self-Sabotage
  • Build New Habits that will Support your Career and your Personal Life
  • Make new friends: Surround yourself with poker players that will make you thrive 
  • Get Clarity around your Life Mission and stay aligned to that Path
  • Create an Abundant Life for yourself and your Family
BUY NOW For $1500

What is included?

5 Core Training Modules ($1500 Value)
Lifetime Membership in our Private Discord Community ($500)
Daily Accountability Coaching for your physical and mental health habits ($500)
GTO Mind and Shadow Master Fluid Scheduling Tools ($100)
Access to Our Team of Awesome Coaches (Priceless)
Exclusive Networking Opportunities: Access to study groups using high level tools like Odin, PioSolver, HRC and more (Priceless)
BONUS: Full Access to the Education Vault ($750)
BONUS: One Month of Weekly Face-to-Face LIVE group coaching sessions ($200)

That’s over $3550 in value,
yours today for just $1500

Still on the fence and need more time? Click here to schedule a 15min call with one of our coaches!


Your purchase is backed by our 100% no-questions-asked

30 day money back guarantee.

The reality is, you'll never know if you'll love a program until you try it.

It's like trying to decide if you love a house while standing in the driveway. You need to go inside and look around.

That's why we're giving you a generous 30-day period to try out our program.  If it's not the best mindset course you've ever taken, simply send us an email and let us know what didn't work for you, and we will happily refund your money.

We only want money from happy customers.

Take the freeroll and get started today.




What makes all the members in PMM and all the testimonials I’ve seen so successful?

To put in plainly, they show up for themselves. They show up and they are open minded to learning new ideas and ways of looking at the world. If you show up and you’re coachable, you will succeed. That’s what it takes, and our interactive community format makes showing up easy and fun.

I’m just getting started, will this still help me?

The one thing that everyone I work with always says is that they wish they had started this work sooner. Poker is not an industry where you can afford to wait around. Mindset isn’t some extra addition, it’s the foundation on top of which all your strategic knowledge gets built.

You'll also get a free trial of preflop academy as a bonus to help with your strategy game.

This sounds overwhelming, how much time will it take?

When you win your time back from scrolling, distraction, depression and anxiety, all of a sudden you have more than enough time to do what’s important.

This has been true for the world class players I coached Like Tomi “Elmerix” Brouk who balanced running a stable next to having a family with 2 kids, while competing in CrossFit and being a top 10 ranked player in the world. If he can find time for mindset, so can you!

I struggle with putting myself out there, will this format work for me?

In the poker world, it would be weird not to have social anxiety! Our community provides a relaxed and supportive atmosphere that allows even the most reclusive among us a gentle path to connecting more deeply.

You can go at your own pace and you’ll see results either way, just stay open that you may find that you don’t struggle so much as time goes on.

What can I expect when I enroll in Poker Mindset Mastery?

You’ll immediately receive access to the Poker Mindset Ascension Course which is laid out in linear format so you’ll know exactly where to start. You’ll also get introduced to our Discord community by one of our PMM coaches to ensure you know exactly how best to get started given your unique life and career path.

Is there support if I have questions or I get stuck?

Absolutely! Inside our discord we have clearly marked support available Monday-Friday and Sunday of course!

Can my partner or significant other go through the program with me?

Absolutely! We’ve had MANY players say that their wife or girlfriend loved our program and doing it together was one of the best things to happen to their relationship.

Mindset extends to everything, and not only will this program make you healthier and happier people who can make better decisions, but your partner will also grow to see poker in a new more informed and overall more positive light.

Can’t I just learn this stuff from books and YouTube?

The purpose of coaching is to help you get results faster, it’s not a mark on your capability as a human if you let someone accelerate your progress.

We only have the time we’ve been given to be alive. Being further along, faster, is the #1 way to have a better experience of life while it’s happening.

What if I feel like I can’t afford this, or I should invest in a strategy coach first?

Poor mindset renders all the strategies of the world obsolete. Imagine a player who has a leak to tilt off at high stakes once in a while. They can grind it out for years but every time they grind up a bankroll they’re going to mismanage it again due to mental, emotional and internal issues. They’re literally working for nothing and wasting their time.
People don’t switch strategies at the top of the mountain. You need the mindset on the way up if you hope to hold it at the top.

What if I try it and it’s not for me?

No problem at all! You are 100% covered by our Best Intensions Guarantee. If you join the program and you start to use it and you feel it’s just not the right fit, simply send us an email at [email protected]

We’ll do what we can to help, and if the program is not a fit for you we will happily refund your money.

What if I don’t feel like now is the right time?

I’ve said it already, but poker is not an industry to wait around in. There’s never been a better time to already know all the things you haven’t learned yet. When’s the best time to plant a tree? 20 years ago. When’s the second best time? Right now.


If you wait, nothing will change, and you’ll be further behind in the inevitable mindset work you KNOW you need to do. If you start now, imagine how you’ll feel in 1 month looking back on your progress so far.

Alright, it’s time to call a clock on this decision.


You can keep doing what you’ve been doing and getting the same results... Or you can decide to take control of your life and career today.


Simply click the button below and my Team and I will be waiting for you on the inside.


Act now, because in all my years of coaching I’ve never worked with anyone that wished they waited longer to get started.

Enroll in Poker Mindset Mastery Now - $1500

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